Hello everyone! I am just writing this entry to inform you of plans in motion. First of all, I am possibly going to get a JAWS upgrade! Now, for those of you who know me, I am not a propononent of JAWS at all. So why use it?
Well, everything at my school whare I work is tested with JAWS, and because of this, JAWS is the "Gold Standard." Now, the story behind the upgrade is a wild one, and one that could only have come about by the providence of God. Also, I am going beyond a shadow of a doubt, to get my JAWS certification. What does this mean? Well, need training? Are you a state agency needing someone who can train clients capably on the software? That is what a JAWS certified person means. Big plans are in motion, as I said, and well, I'll tell you the story of the upgrade now.
Well, I had seen a promotion, that Freedom Scientific, would be offering JAWS home lisences at the NFB convension, for the price of $125.00. Well, I thought about the fact that A, I would not be attending the convension, and did a good Job of saying that I could not make it when I called. Funny thing was, I did not expect that anything would come of it.
So, I called and got to talk to Hal, a sales rep that I actually like. I explained the situation, that I had not upgraded since JAWS 112, and if you think about it, It's been 4 years since I touched that sma. Plus, JAWS 16, is not supporting XP, and I no longer have an XP machine. I also informed him, that as I could not make the convension, that I should have access to that pricing, as there were other promotions from Hartgen Consaltency, who makes products to enhance JAWS. He listened, and told me that the actual price would be $620.00 for both the Lisence upgrade, and the SMA. Then, he offered me $240.00 as his asking price. I suggested, that he lower it to $200.00, as that was all that I could do. Keep in mind, that the convension pricing was $125.00. That would have been a $75.00 increase, but close to 70% off the original price of $620.00. He told me that he would call me back, and I thought to my self, at least I tried. Now, this is whare the Lord made his presence known. He calls back at around 4:30, and tells me that the management would accept $200.00, and that I would not have to request a new authorization number. So for $200.00, I could get instant access to 16.0, and also get 17.0, and 18.0. And, I'm going to study hard for that exam, so that I can be the only JAWS certified person in Tennessee, as there as of now, does not seem to be anyone from my state on it.

Test entry

Jun. 21st, 2015 01:12 am
Well, this is my first entry, and I am testing this platform. It has been a long time, but I am glad to be back. There will be other entries, but this is one to get me started. I will post a variety of topics, some will be useful, some will not be useful. Anyways good night folks!


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